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Organization for Couples

Lifestyle: Career oriented couple

Project: Basement

Budget: High

Pain Points:

  • The basement had become a catchall

  • The guest bedroom was at the end of the basement and they were embarrassed guests had to walk through disarray to get to the bedroom

  • Lack of dedicated storage space in the home


Organization Style & Observations:

The couple shares similar organizational styles, both favoring a minimalist aesthetic with a preference for hidden storage solutions. However, they encounter challenges when it comes to synchronizing their motivation levels for working in the basement, as one is energized in the morning while the other finds their peak productivity in the evening. Decision-making can be delayed as one party makes quick choices while the other requires more time to process. Despite their differing task management styles, it doesn't hinder their ability to cooperate effectively.

What they had to say when it was done:

"We can't believe it came together like this. It looks welcoming even though the storage space is hidden in plain sight. We have a place to store our stuff, and it looks great - no more basement stress, especially when guests stay the night!"

--Happy Client

The changes, techniques and success

Declutter & Categorize

Our first step was to thoroughly assess the items in the basement as well as those stored in the house, determining what needed to be stored and estimating the required space. This process allowed us to prioritize the most essential items for retention and storage, including furniture from previous relationships. Understanding the significance of these items helped decisions making about their placement, and influenced the overall design.

Organization Success


Optimize Space Layout

After assessing their storage requirements, our next step was to gain a thorough understanding of the couple's vision for their basement. They expressed their desire for a private retreat where their guests could unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of the household during extended stays. We presented several designs for their consideration, and upon selecting a design, we proceeded with meticulous furniture selection. The result is a stunning space that offers a serene and inviting ambiance for their cherished guests to enjoy.

Organization Success

Optimized layout and design

Effective Storage

Finally, we designed and implemented a dedicated storage area that accommodates the couple's evolving needs. This versatile space enables them to effortlessly adjust the amount of stored items over time while effectively concealing belongings that had previously cluttered their basement. In addition to providing essential storage capacity, it instilled a newfound sense of confidence, allowing them to host guests without any concerns about exposing their storage items.

Organization Success

Effective storage

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