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Office Organization

Goal: Improve functional space and organization

Lifestyle: Career oriented single

Project: Office

Budget: Low

Pain Points:

Our client needed help with the management of 20 years worth of paperwork. She struggled with procrastination and spent too much energy and time finding things. She stored her paperwork in scattered places throughout the house. She couldn’t always remember what she had and where to find it. On occasion, she bought duplicate items.

"This has been an absolute blast. It is amazing that I have gotten rid of stuff I have been hauling around for more than 20 years! The value was amazing and the experience was so much fun!"

Get Organized
Get mail organized
Get files organized
Controlled Organization

Mail Management:

We implemented a two-stage approach with our client to tackle the daily filing burden. The kept mail is divided into two trays: "to-do" for weekly action items and "to file" for future filing. 

This method ensures efficient use of time and eliminates piles of unread mail. Filing is limited to a swift 30 minutes periodically, allowing high-priority actions to be addressed promptly. It's a winning solution that boosts efficiency and eliminates the chaos of unattended mail.


File Management:

After touching every piece of paper collected over 20 years, we established categories and decided what to keep. Active categories, the ones interacted with every week, are kept nearby for easy access and filing.

The paperwork in the inactive categories, like tax paperwork, has a separate but equally accessible location. By removing the clutter of rarely accessed older paperwork, filing is manageable. This action also promotes long-term organization and makes it effortless to discard documents no longer needed annually. 

Decluttering & Controlled Organization

We collected office items from drawers around the house, centralized them, and decluttered them. Once we could see everything in one place, it was easy to find its new home. Not only did this open up space for future storage, we created storage solutions that make sense and can be maintained.

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