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Closet Organization

Goal: Clear space so that items can be found easily

Lifestyle: Recently Retired

Project: Closet

Budget: High

Pain Points:

Our client was overwhelmed by the clothes in her closet. Instead of bringing her joy to put outfits together everyday, she was stressed and it was difficult to find buried clothes. She needed to bring order to her space to life the weight off her shoulders.


I am so much less stressed about my closet. I love that I can easily find and lay out my clothes out every night."


We quickly decluttered the closet by finding all items that were two or more sizes too big or small. Even though she loved some pieces, she moved them forward to be enjoyed by someone else. This closet had a 60% reduction!


New Clothes System:

We implemented a new system to manage new clothes coming into the closet. As clothes were purchased, the bag was brought into the closet to be used when a new outfit was bring put together. This resulted in many new clothes being buried under many other clothes, and ultimately going unused. Now the client has a open storage bin dedicated to only new clothes. It is easy to sort through to find the perfect new piece for an outfit. Now the clothes are taken care of and ready in the wings to be used.

Additional Shoe Storage:

Shoes were being stored in many closets throughout the house. After decluttering some pairs, and leveraging the space below the consolidated vests, we were able to add significant storage for shoes. All shoes were able to be moved into the closet and made visible to be used on a regular basis.

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