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Pricing that makes sense for you.

Live Clutter Free LLC offers several options for you to get organized that fit your budget and lifestyle. When we connect, we can help you decide which of our packages is right for you.

The DIY'er


Virtual Only

You have a vision and know you want more control over your life. You could do it yourself if someone gave you a map. This package is perfect for you!


After our discovery session, I will provide a detailed game plan that will give you the results you’re looking for! We will meet so we can go through it and get you off the ground!


Then we will have four, 15-minute weekly sessions to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

Have I got a Project!

$65 / hr (6 hr min)


This is a personal, in-home touch.


You know you have at least one big project ahead of you; make a dent with this plan. After our discovery session, I will provide an overview of your personalized plan. We will schedule our first working session and adjust the plan as needed.

10% discount for projects more than 15 hours.

The Subscriber

$29 / month

Virtual Only

You’re on a great path and a monthly tune-up would make a big difference! Get a monthly check-in dedicated to helping you solve your hardest problems. After our discovery session, you’ll be in the driver's seat. You’ll get specific advice for your most pressing needs.


You will schedule your 30-minute session on our booking calendar at a time that makes sense for your schedule. 

Ready to Start Your Journey?

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