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Age doesn't matter when organizing
Garage Organization
Garage Organization

Pain Points:

  • Unable to consistently put stuff away

  • Not sure where things go

  • No room for the car and bikes at the same time


Organization Style & Observations:

The couple faces contrasting organizational styles, with one favoring a generic and visual approach, while the other prefers detailed and hidden organization methods. Moreover, their task management styles diverge, and one prefers a defined plan with the other leaning towards a more spontaneous, ad-hoc approach. Additionally, they have opposing strategies when it comes to tackling challenging tasks, because one prefers to tackle them first and the other prefers to leave them for last.

These contrasting styles often lead to numerous piles of belongings without designated homes, resulting in difficulty finding necessary items for their upcoming outings. And these conflicting styles had hindered their progress in starting and completing their organizational goals.

Lifestyle: Retired active couple

Project: Garage

Budget: Low

What they had to say when it was done:

"We felt disorganized and out of control. Before we knew it, we felt calmer and more at peace. Sappy, I know, but true."

--Happy Client

The changes, techniques and success

Storage Solutions

Catering to individual preferences, we introduced customized boxes for each person, tailored to their specific hobbies such as hiking, fishing, skiing, and more. This allowed each individual to easily grab their designated box, ensuring a streamlined and organized experience. Additionally, it proved especially helpful when one person embarked on a solo adventure, eliminating the need to sift through all their belongings to retrieve only the essentials.

Organization Success

A place for each thing in their life.

Easy Organization

We achieved a significant breakthrough by reconfiguring the floor bike rack layout, allowing us to accommodate six bikes and a car in the garage! This was a major victory for the couple, as they used to store two bikes at a time in the shed and constantly rotate them based on the season. Having the ability to park their car in the garage not only safeguards it from weather-related damage but also minimizes the risk of theft. Furthermore, the convenience of loading and unloading within the secure confines of their garage adds an extra layer of safety.

Organization Success

Car and bikes in the garage

Cost Effective Organization

Considering the client's budgetary concerns, we prioritized cost-effective solutions. Rather than replacing cabinets, containers, and the bike rack, we focused on repurposing existing resources wherever possible. This allowed us to allocate funds towards new open storage options that perfectly matched their individual organizing preferences. Additionally, we installed accessible storage racks for skis and tools, ensuring easy reach, visibility, and usability.

Organization Success

Keeping to a cost-effective budget

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